Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bengkel MC 2011 part 1

Hello peeps,How are u?
okay this post is a story regarding my Bengkel that I attend at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort.
It is organize by HEP to polished and upgrade the Master of ceremony (emcee) talents in USM.

The program Called: Bengkel Pengacaraan dan Protokol (How to be an excellent master of ceremony)

To begin with,I am actually very pleased and excited to join this event because I love becoming MC ,and I do want to grasp as many knowledge on how to be better MC , formal or informal.

so 8 of us ,10 including Kak Tina and Abg Driver start our journey approximately 8.30am.

It was a loooong ass is cramp,stiff and I think it may have blister already.seriously,the journey from Kubang Kerian to Bukit merah is ENDLESS!!! arghhh

arrive at a Resting Site at Bukit Gampang.There were lots  fruits here,very nice!!

GPS used by Abg Driver,I want one to for my car too.I try to google it but nahhh nothing similar came out.I even forgot its brand.

I walk around at Resting site at Bukit Gampang and found this fountain.p/s: their surau is really nice...

again one of many fruit stalls there

the lady told me this is some sort of PLUM or some weird name !!! and I taste it ,hmm confirm MANGGO!!! it was yummy!

So,after battling with my Gluteus maximus (ass muscle) we arrive at Bukit Merah!!

Check in.....

Check in....

my room...


Dinner!!! ehh mesti u guys fikir ehh kenapa baru sampai terus  dinner?? actually kami got Ice breaking beside the pool that afternoon,with rain and stuff.and we need to do a cheers.Do u want to hear our cheers? goes like this: Ohhh aaaa,ooooo aaaa,cicicicicici,KELAS KAU JAH!!!!

 Idk why Kelas Kau Jah @ Bahasa ala-ala maknyah been so popular this days,I rarely hear it around me,but the other students from other campus are so IN to it even the macho boys and girls.

errrr..again HANTU

ehhhh -.-


Our First Class started.Modul 1 and 2 :Peranan dan Taggungjawab Seorang Pengacara Majlis and Menganalisa Jenis-jenis Majlis.Our teacher is Prof.Madya Dr. Azizah Omar.

the class were so Pratically implemented,meaning we need to involve in everything which is super nice!!

k that;s the end of part 1


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