Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tips For Artsy Acrylic Painting for beginners

  1. Prepare your canvas ,make it as smooth as u can
  2. outline ur drawing using non-sharp pencil or using water color
  3. start with background or lighter shade colour as u will realize it is easier to "redo" the mistakes that u had done
  4. use brushes that is suitable for shape and technique that u wanna u want to do a petal of flower, u can use a tear-drop shape brush .
  5. make sure u have extra paper or news paper for colour experiment to see whether the colour that u want can be achieve
  6. having more than one water bucket for brushes is suggested
  7. prepare lots of tissues in case of emergency.
  8. don't be too detail...this is a painting not an architectural design .Ur ways of interpreting what u see and feel through painting is more important.
  9. ENJOY and be needs time :D

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