Monday, 6 June 2011

Awesome jogging track

Hi I just discovered something new! USMKK now have a new jogging track!check it out!!

the pavement are soo cute and lovely.It was green(golf course,of coz lah fif),smells nice.....:D
but if u are a girl,please don't jog alone coz I think it was a bit bushy and there's abang2 construction and Lot's of Lizards !!!

I was macho"Ly scream when I encounter it.huhu..
all in all,U must try it.
It was 800 metres inside the golf course .So u will feel more closer to earth.:P

Let's be healthy together!!

have u notice this "reban" in our golf course?I wonder what's in there....huhu

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Grace said...

di bahagian mana tu????

afif=shafie said...

bhagian dalam golf course.ada signboard tu tulis jogging track.:)