Thursday, 23 June 2011

Selanjar 2 Medic

I fail!!!!
thank you for the pray and all..even though I fail AGAIN!!! I feel really grateful for not being crazy and stuff.without ur prays ,maybe I will be in psychiatric ward already.Thanks Guys.

Actually ,I am a bit confident to pass this exam.I do it better than previous exam,but what to do,rezeki and luck is not with me this time.

gonna do better next time...uhuhu...hwaiting!!

owhh I heard one of my FINAL YEAR senior been kicked out due to repeating for 2 times in a row.meaning failing BIG exam for two times in a row.(o.0)
just imagine,FINAL year....5 years of study and suddenly been kicked out from school...OMG.....


Hope U guys do well in ur study!!! chaiyok and don't ever give up!!!

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julie padasian said...

gambateh apip!!! kau boleh! :)