Friday, 29 April 2011


I dreamed I am at home with my family,the only things that I remember clearly is my sister ask me to drink sake(out of all drinks in the world kan?).

I tell her she can ,if halal....(hahhah,sake halal)

then she drank lah kan.....I said drink lah only one cup(?) but I am pretty sure that she take a few cups of sake...-.-

then,suddenly all family member gather for dinner....during that time I say to my sister:

"brush your teeth,you know out all of things I see,yours the queen of horrendous"

Then, she ran to bathroom and I am like wtf?

but she forgot her towel and come back to take it ,but now she have tears in her eyes !!!hahah she cried!!

my father ask me why she cried
I said

end of story....

(pause for a while,coz I think it is super funny,hahhaa)

I wake up and realize its already 8am and I was cursing to myself and mad about myself because I am not studying enough!!!! urgh!!!

but to think of it again,I feel so fresh and happy I can meet my family in my dreams,best sangat...and it is very funny when dental stuff can invade
your dreams too...hhahaha


picture during 1st year.....kopiah not fit right due to my big head...
and it was in KFC for god sake!


successor or giver said...

tak pahamla cte ni.nape dia nangis?

Herlveron said...

hahahaha...kenapa sake?? bukan menteku??..jauh jg sampai jepun...n kenapa ada translation English lagi...hahahahah

afif=shafie said...

nai: -.-

tilon:hhahaha..lawak kan...:D

Shakina Chu said...

jahatnya ni abg -.-