Thursday, 19 May 2011

Midnight Post

Hello guys,I miss my blog soo much.I did not write any for the past few weeks.Well , exam is just around the corner and it is very frustrating to realize the date is coming closer and closer!!
But whatever it is,we must be optimist right!!! no life lah if no challenge in life...
So,chaiyok for me and friends for this coming exam!!!

be strong AFIF!!

owh,photo above is actually "fresh from oven"....just taken before writing this....well,wanna show u guys I am actually drinking coffee back after throwing it out from my dietary consumption for about 2 years already.
extra caffeine??,,,,0.0

Owh,today....we gonna do some research at Pasir Puteh's an CFCS (community and family case studies) program .Am feeling very excited to go jalan-jalan but at the same time afraid didn't have enough time to study.......-.-

we will do research for 3 day straight,hope everything goes well...wish us the best ya!!!

that's all for now...take care!!!

love afif....

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