Tuesday, 28 July 2009

behave PLEASE.....

when i was studying , one of the subject is related with skin.So,it's mention about std's (sexual transmitted disease).Then , i check out for some picture for reference.Here are some pictures that i want to share with you.

so how was it?nice?want one?

people out there , please beware of your sexual life.we live only once.so, live your life that do not make you suffer.

love your Creator,

love your family,

love your life,

love your self,


khairieah said...

eeewww... gitu ka pula rupa dia tu?
di muka pun bole kena????
eeeeeeeeee geli mat

fYth said...

perkongsian ilmu yg bermakna..

Ina Chu said...

Thanx 4 sharing..
now i know what std can do..

EdoraEmon said...

aik.jadi yg d muka tuh sbb sama jgak ka?huhuhu~

afif=shafie said...

iya muka tuh pun std jugak nih....

sabarjaklah aku..jijik gila!

benazirjb said...

maw pingsan sy tinguk....