Tuesday, 9 November 2010

update from MAMA

hey guys,what's up with your day today? for me,it was fun and hilarious...

okay,lately I'm soo busy procrastinating things.wake up LATE,pergi class pun LATE,studying LazyATE, most of things LATE lah! but some like EAT cannot LATE..haha.:D

If lunch time come I am the first one to go and buy Nasi Campur,or Nasi Ayam GorengBerempah and yours truly "Teh Beng @ teh tarik ping @ teh susu Ais" :)

So to show how lazy I am tonight lets be more organize:
  1. okay after shower,solat
  2. after isya', Singing !! not only makes other pity eardrum undergo inflammation and burst due to necrosis inside his ears ,smeared by mucus and hair...... I record it !!! to make the same effect to myself,(thank god i got Garage band here in my Mbook).I recorded few songs,Percayalah(i know,i love 90's),Dilema by Nora and a bit Halo from beyonce!!
  3. okay,now it's 9.30pm already....i waste like 1 and a half hour .NOT studying ! i know :( ,I'm a failed NERD to be.
  4. then i called my Mom,and here the post start:
(can you imagine how long the intro is?:D)

Do you know that I LOVE to sing? (the intro explain everything afif =.=) and owh do you know that I was active in PIDATO?

well to make the story short my little brother got 2nd runner up for a Karaoke Competition in his school!
nice right! idk where he got the guts to perform,he is only 10 btw.So,for me just to imagine my shy , unphotogenic brother could pull off a singing competition.WOW (mata terbeliak)

and for me I had never entered a singing competition in that early period of age.
owh I entered story telling when I was 8 ,pidato when I was 11.
but that is totally different!! =.=


mama:oh,acum pun ikut pidato last week,dia kena paksa ikut di sekolah dia.

me:iya? (ketawa besar) ,

mama: (ketawa juga)

me:jadi,macam manalah?

mama:dia dapat nombor SATU

me: IYA? wakakakakakaka( bangga)

my sister entered Pidato with her tajuk 1 Malaysia,she used my old texts to help her give UMPPH to her pidato.and gladly she won!

All in all,I am very glad that they are raised in their own way but in the good and right way.I just hope that they continue to take care of them self and make family proud.
as for me,I always pray for their great achievement, and it gradually shows,Thank you Allah.

idk the relevant of this pic,but who cares =.=

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