Tuesday, 16 November 2010


okay,I know this post is like ,soo LAMBAT already.But I insist to have it here in my blog as my blog is also a way to show what I'd done and shared it with U guys!.So this post end up to be be a super lot's of picture punya post.

Lot's of pictures taken from Facebook.So if anyone want their picture removed from here ,just tell me k.

So , basically Borneo cultural Nite is an event organized by Orang - orang (student) Borneo.It is an annual event started back in 2008.

I am the formal MC for that night and also responsible for Exhibition.So today pics may a little bit Bias to exhibition part.>< without further ado let's go.... up up and away!!~.~

this is the entrance for our exhibition.Do notice the rafflesia,burung kenyalang and orang utan yah?nampak?:P

ni VIP with Bryan (our ex - President for BCN 2009) in our LOCAL FOOD section!!

owh,here they are.......
those burung and flower were made by Lihin .he spent like soo many hours to make that.Gracia's Lihin!!!
our Exhibition!!!!!! those bamboo floor takes our nails out!! soo hard to do!!! feels like becoming like a villagers which their side income is making bamboo floor!!! and main income ,of course....... farming =.=

nah , now u see the urang utan!!

Gua NIAH!!!

one of our exhibition main attraction also.

juniors with their daun-daun berjuntai.

me as Formal MC....damn I'm like soo tall here!!

picture taking session!!!walaoweh!!

owh forgot to mention I perform in Sumazau dance also.:D

this is how the dewan look during rehearsal night before BCN.

makan time!!
laksa sarawak
nasi hujan panas with ayam masak merah and acar
kerabu mangga
and lot's more.....

i'm at the back holding that guy at the center.

AAAAHHHh...this is when the crowd start dancing Sumazau!!!this is the end btw.

president and secretary having some private talk( i think)

our Bamboo entrance!!!

p/s:sorry for my picture that is soo not in chronological order.it's due to blogspot super hard picture upload system......HUHU....

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