Monday, 12 July 2010

orange stethoscope


It was tiring day for me today.Even though i have lots of notes to read (2 only) i don't have the strength to even open the notes.Just imagine we had class until night!!!

5-7pm:conservative class
9-10pm:briefing prosthodontics block
10-11pm:meeting for maxillofacial booth for this coming convocation
11-12am:GLEE and blogging(LOL)

huaaa...soo tired..owh the most interesting things happen today is that i bought an ORANGE STETHOSCOPE!!!!! I was jumping with excitement as I saw that over bright orange cost me RM 220.00 or maybe around 61.10 US dollar.
I also bought this cutie medical handbook that seniors handbook...its big as you this soo cutie this book soo much

can you see the price?its actually RM89.90 but i get it for RM58...okay right?

that is all for now, I will post what i done in conservative class later on.Bye and stay PRISTINE!!

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