Sunday, 11 July 2010

just another day that makes me smile

my sarung...


As the wind from the fan force fully blowing my short hair without any effect .i really felt that i am at the warmest place on earth.(lalalalalaaaaaaalaalalalllllllaaaaaaaaa....."effect of watching glee i guess)
today was hectic for me even though i done nothing much except i attend lectures,eat with friends(a hobby of mine).It was interesting to be part of medic student again after one month ONLY studying dental syllabus.
oh do you know that i just met one of my dental junior?(why on earth do you know right? wtf*quote from xia xue*)
It was hilarious(for me) as I am trying my hardest not to spoiled my juniors mood of becoming the next APEX batch with my thick ,hard to digest accent.Hmm,I prefer talk in English.

"I look stupid when I speak in Malay" should be converted to "I sound super weird when i talk in Malay with people from peninsular especially kelantanese.....


what a day....I like controlling my mouth so hard till it make my butt
i do not know about you but I am really adjusting my tough really hard when I speak Malay here in peninsular.Don't get me wrong,I am proud to be sabahan and i love how i sound.but sometimes it really vital to make sure what you are talking can be interpreted by the others.....

for example
mana jak
mane jer




p/s:lot's of my visitor that comes from soo many countries was actually viewing my men nipple post(here)..should i make another pervert entry?hoho


nailahabdulrazak said...

bagus bha kau afif semangat aku tadi pun dah ngantuk.baru 1st day jak tu

afif=shafie said...

hahaha aku pun ngantuk bha naie,,,