Friday, 14 March 2014

Di mana diri menghilang / Where have I been this long

I am here,
in this tiny room ,double decker bed so called hostel ....
watching The Voice newest season while playing Clash of Clans ....
somehow i feel the urge to write in my rusty blog which I pity.

I had been blogging since 1st year which was in the year of 2009.i grow with it ,many post I'd written that I plan to DESTROY due the possibilities of humiliation in near future or now!.
but since i am not famous ,why bother right?

some updates from this humble single dental student which in his final year,which hoping to pass his exams,finish his requirements  and graduates this coming June.
Hes still the same funny,"humble",outspoken ,loud Gemini Hunk Gentleman  Cute Boy.
Love reading other blogs instead of writing himself.

My life kinda boring if you did not love :
  1. treating patient,
  2. making denture
  3. teaching correct tooth brushing technique
  4. making dentures
  5. doing hours of ROOT CANAL TREATMENT!! Kyaaaaaaaaa!! *die *aliveagain
  6. and getting scold by the speacialist which if  you are in my place would be thousand times gratefull to the almighty God than having paediatric patient who cried by just putting topical anaesthesia,and you have not done anything annnnddddd you end up doing nothing instead of trying clamp size to put the MOST Irresistable gorgeous rubber dam.(Google if you don't know yah)
How's yours? :D

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