Monday, 17 September 2012

Random with afif

Hello and a very good evening ladies and gentlemen,
Since today I have tons of leisure time which I normally didn't have.So I decided to do some grooming session,so I just finished editing Blog Template and it looks like a new born baby now.And  if you noticed , my writing is smoother (of course you wouldn't) that is due to my NEW keyboard that I bought .*yay
I should bought a keyboard million years ago instead of typing using the coolest wackiest, uncomfotable mac book keypad~urgh..why I am being dumbxx for 3 years....

But hey ,It's been long since I had any post in this blog.Been lazy and I promised my self to at least to update once in a while so that my friends , families and random readers would get a piece of update or getting their time wasted reading my blog.*yay?

Talking about "random". I'm gonna change my blog name to "random with diva  afif" instead of Pristine and grandeur because I think the name previously not suited for this dusty,tua, and a totally random blogpost.kan?

oh oh oh,Please find me at tumblr too

and I'm "active" or you can say a devoted instasocail at instagram compare to any other social media out there.

So how about starting the first random post with a random picture?

1.packing machine~! taken during packing our dental instruments.

2.Me with "TUATU" which I bought at Jonker walk.


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