Saturday, 5 February 2011

The So-Called Journey

Today I went to DOCNAN
at Pengkalan Chepa......I had never went there before , so just relying on google map I drove there with Alfie.....
At first ,senior told that we need to go to Airport first,THEEEEN find the way to DOCNAN...but I checked it and realize we do not need to go to airport which is SOOOO FAAAR you pusing whole kota bharu...So,i used an alternative way which is I am not familiar with...we trial and error most of the time....
we did miss certain roads .......T.T

yah this is the weird thing here in kelantan,idk other part in is very hard to see the signboard for the name of the Jln Guchil Bayam...HERE,you actually need to enter the road to know whether you are in the right path or not.....

I mean what is the point of entering the wrong road and end up making a U-turn later on?isn't should be a big sign board at each junction to actually know which is which road?am I right?
correct me if I'm wrong..huhu

owh this post is actually want to highlight this RANDOM STALL where we had our lunch....we had Bihun Sup Special and Kueh Tiew Sup Special and air NYUR??/coconut juice?coconut essence?:P

actually I seen a bunch piles of coconut there...then "ihh mau minum air kelapaaaa"
tadaaa we stop for lunch , exactly on 11.05am.
Seriously, the foods were delicious!!!! the soup was refreshing!!!! and I thought the combination of a soup meal and an Coconut drink is weird but instead ,it turn out great !!!! and of course our tummy is full with WATER later on.......-.-

So come lah to Pengkalan Chepa to try find this Stall your self yer....I pun tak sengaja jumpa....

amazingly prepared Bihun Sup Special..RM 3,00

the so called 4 elements....
salty:fish sauce,black color one
spicy:chillies(it is a bit manis,not soo hot...very ngam with my tounge)

AIR NYUR!!!! RM 1.00



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