Sunday, 29 November 2009

good morning!!!

hello and a very good morning guys...heww(blowing my hair)'s been quite a time i did'nt write any ..hoho..busy der..EXAM..STUDY...

so i'm BACK!!!it's holiday now and i'm alone here in my dome..quite scary but "a man must grow UP!"...T.T(duhh)..

so this morning i had a instant noodles with salad+petai!!(idk it's name in english but here are their pics=below)

i'm having instant mee since last day because our cafe did'nt OPEN..huhu..nvm...

i miss my home where i can cook anything(since here it's prohibited to have your own kitchen=for sure!!)..talking about cooking , i'm very good at that..not to compare with chef ,i'm nobody..haha..that's because i'm used to take care of my brother and sister since i was a that time (8 years old)..i can cook rice(using rice cooker der),and egg recipes are some..
  1. telur hancur kicap manis kering(my fav)
  2. telur hancur kicap manis kuah(my fav)
  3. telur hancur masak lemak(dulu i used milk)haha
  4. sup telur( mau hati2 coz u dont want the yolk to break)
  5. telur dadar (ni ada mcm 2 juga...tengok ingredient dialah juga...).but if sudah mengantam bahan - bahan dia i called it"hawaian egg"haha(terukkan masa budak2)
  6. telur masak sos tomato(adik aku paling suka)haha

Thank god that my sister did'nt get sick eating my i'm a better cooker(chewah)
byk tau aku pandai masak...
thanks to my mum..hoho

this is the petai!!!(it's skin)..

this is what it's looks like after been peeled off.....besar kan(teda giuk ,lepas tuh besar2...10 point utk kelantan.yeah)

next post i would story mory about my shopping spree with ma friends ..yah..till next post..chow...

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