Thursday, 29 October 2009

measurement of Hb,PVC,ESR,red cell indices and applications.(29/10/09)

sorry guys i forgot to take picture for ESR and MCV
pics below are for PVC


device for hematocrit

capillary tube?

test tube
(plastic type)

drabkin sltn for lysis of red blood cell

blood sample

test tube holder


auto pipete

centrifugation machine

1st make sure the initial point of blood at the same level with the balck line

2nd ,push the tube to the right until the tip of plasma touch the black line

3rd,move the middle line to the point between RBC and buffy coat meet

read the reading

the formula!!

Mean Cell Volume (MCV)

-pipete 5 ml larutan Drapkin into test tube
-pipette auto(20 ml)=pippetekan 20 ml blood specimen.
-clean tips of pipete & insert the blood into larutan 5 ml Drapkin
-Parafilm= mix the solution
-let it be for a while...
-pipete 3ml of Bradkin Solution...
-read it in spectrometer...
-change the bacaan to zero..(for zero error)
-put the solution into spectrometer
-compare the result with chart

Isipadu sel padat(PVC)

-2 capillary tube?
-mix blood sample
-insert the blood into the capillary tube until 80 %
-block one of end with plasticine
-MAKESURE the plastinised end will be near the diameter of the centrigate machine
-centrifugate for 5 minutes
-then,,,use that balckish thing to calculate the percentage of the red blood cell...

erythrocytes sendimentation rate(ESR)

-mix the blood
-insert blood to a anti coagulant citrate which is inside the ESR tube
-mix and put it in a vertical position
-insert a vistogram? tube until the solution reach o.o ml
-wait until 1 hour,then,take the reading and calculate the rate of sendimentation


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