Saturday, 9 October 2010

Gamal and Audrey

that is video of gamal with her sister audrey singing LIVE!! for those yang tak kenal with this fella.they actually a big thing in you tube thanks to hanis zallikha (thanks to Lot sebab bg kenal sama Hanis) I ended subcribing and becoming their fans also..huhu

the video already out dated lah..but what i wanna say the first time i watched this video which are like soo back then I was not WOW by it...and it really make me down coz it didn't achieve what I had expected From tapiheru Clan's.

( mcm suspenslah kau rasa afif) I watch it again TODAY and was MESMERIZE and blown AWAY!!!! I was like smiling the whole time!!!
ahhaa....then I realize rupanya I didn't wear my headphone for the first time I watch it..maybe voice sedap semua terpegi tempat lain...><

ahh and BTW they have this new single called "Putus Saja"
which is SUPER OKAY!!! and best!!!

owh did I mention I PERFORMED for my Raya Dental Celeb...?no? owh do I mention I was SINGING?hahahahhaha

iya aku nyanyi macam TAI!!!!!!ke LAUT ke JAMBAN ke GUNUNG KINABALU!!!! hahahah!!! WE , yes 5 of us singing 1 malaysia songs by AMP artist...I RAP lagi tau!!! MAHAL!!!! hahahahah

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