Wednesday, 22 September 2010


many of my friends going oversea to continue their study...but I'm still here in kelantan...huhu...not to mention that I'm boring or just that I'm actually extremely jealous!!!!!!why I'm here??? that a really good question to start the jealousy issue XD.

next ,

well,I just read my friend going to cambodia,for bakti siswa...and me?just doing involve in Small stuff such as Borneo nite,Small AJKs,and some positions.I mean ,people out there doing big things and I'm here doing just simple things but still merungut with busy lah and others.Now its already a big deal for me to actually make all my work assign to me perfectly....but other people out there are like doing big things even better than me!!! you get what i meant ker? X.X
soory lah if you dont understand ,It's Just an random thought of mine,and actually am rushing for my lecture...soo bye.thanks for reading!!!


Khairieah said...

i totally understand that fif.

sy mau course mcm ko, tp sy skrg otw jadi cikgu. two very different path.. i wanna be wearing labcoat. tp x kesampaian.
sabar la ya. sy paham sngt ni perasaan. huhu
jgn la bandingkan big things yg diorng buat skrg. ko fikir pasal big things yg akan ko buat when u become dentist nnt k?

happy slalu!

Shakina Chu said...

betul tu. agree with khaireah. your curiculum is much more heavier than them. kalau mau join baktisiswa, USM kan banyak buat juga. Try lah join program2 universiti.

P/s: It doesn't matter whether it's a small/big things. what matter is the impact of it. :)

Herlveron said...

Manage ur small things perfectly then BIG things will be given to u...sabar lah..if it's not'll be somewhere in ur future...u're doing big things to ur life setia lah to what u are doing now^^...PeAce