Sunday, 2 May 2010



Since my exam is done ,It's the time for me to pack my things as I am foing back to SABAH!!!!yay,isn't it nice?hoho...i know,I am excited!!!

Today , I buy quite highly cost things in Pasar siti Khadijah (that is very famous).I bought serunding , dodol , keropok for my family and jeans,petai for my self.
Oh,I saw there were seller that still selling turtle egg (telur penyu)....I am so devastated seeing people pass by and just buying it like it is no one business .Hello!! that is turtle lah not chicken....and why Muslim can eat it since it is one of the 2 alam animals??(if like that,better eat snake or frog eggs) right?maybe they have their own reasons why they are selling those all back to us consumer.If there are demands from the consumers ,for sure people are selling it right,So please be a good consumer/customer.There is no need to publish campaign of rebelling or stopping THIS practice if our eyes are darken by the yolk of the turtle egg.

By the way,I just done arranging my notes as it when chaoticly misplace everywhere in my room.Plus,I snaps some pictures for my post about my exam as dental student.I am sure you will be amazed or at least show some respect to doctors out there that survive those hard days of studying to become a doctor.RESPECT them!!! wait for that entry okay??!!!:D

ok till next you :D
oh and I am

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sallihinraman said...

emm..I think that penyu is not '2 alam', coz penyu will swim towrds sea surface to take some breath and then that penyu will dive again for almost 25 min..means penyu can't breath in water..If I'm not mistaken..